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The Evergreen Herb is a self-watering pot which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have green fingers or people who simply can’t find the time to pack everything they need to into their day.

Evergreen Evergreen

The Evergreen Herb is designed to keep herbs fresh and delicious for more than just a day or so after buying them in a shop to cook with. Top up with water about once a week to keep your herbs fresh. You won’t often use the whole plant for one dish, and so the Evergreen Herb makes it easy to keep the rest of it after using a bit. Thanks to the Evergreen Herb, you’ll find it easier to always have fresh herbs to hand when standing in front of the cooker. And what’s more, keeping your kitchen worktops tidy with your very own little herb garden is a true delight for both the eyes and the palate.


This is what you do:

41 Evergreen

1. Remove the plastic pot from the herb.




2. Place the herb in the terracotta pot.


 3 Evergreen



3. Fill the white container – the water storage container – with water to about 1 cm from the top.




 2 Evergreen







1 Evergreen

4. Place the terracotta pot on top of the water storage container. Make sure the felt strip is dipped in the water.






5. Top up with water about once a week. Your herb will absorb all the water it needs. If it becomes too wet, the terracotta clay will “breathe” so that your plant remains healthy.